Advertisers Boycott XM Radio for Suspending Opie & Anthony

Call It the Reverse Imus

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Nashville Coffee Co. has pulled its advertising from XM Satellite Radioafter XM suspended shock-jocks Opie & Anthony this week. According to a pro-Opie & Anthony site called People Against Censorship,, a purveyor of sexual toys, has pulled its advertising as well.

In a press release Nashville Coffee, which said it's contacting other sponsors and asking them to withdraw, stated: "We have done this in response to XM Radio's censoring of the Opie and Anthony Show by suspending them for 30 days. It is apparent that XM Radio is beholden to crybaby special interest groups who cannot separate humor from reality. It is also unfortunate that XM Radio executives don't have the guts to stand up for their on air talent."

Last week, the jocks invited Charlie, a homeless man, onto their XM program. During a wide-ranging, foul-mouthed rant -- which, though disturbing, had moments of hilarity -- the clearly mentally unbalanced Charlie discussed raping and/or beating, Condoleezza Rice, Laura Bush and the Queen of England. (Blogger Jim Treacher has a partial transcript.) XM decided to suspend the DJs for 30 days. A cleaner, shorter version of "The Opie & Anthony Show" is carried by CBS Radio. CBS took no action against the show.

UPDATE: XM subscribers are also upset and cancelling their subscriptions, according to the LA Times.
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