Agency Offers Cash for Creative Clunkers

Trade in Your Ad Lemons for a 'Sweet Deal'

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"Cash for Clunkers" helped moved metal (for a few weeks anyway), so could a similar strategy help an ad agency bring in some new business?

Leibler-Bronfman Lubalin, a New York-based shop, seems to think so. In the hopes of getting noticed, the tiny Big Apple agency this week took a cue from the feds' book, launching a stimulus plan for advertisers.

"In the spirit of the government's program to jump-start new car sales, LBL Advertising has established Cash for Creative Clunkers," LBL announced. "The new program encourages companies and retailers to trade in their ad 'lemons' for a sweet deal in which LBL will create a new ad campaign to stimulate sales at 50% off their normal sticker price for creative services. The program will include a multi-ad package for those who want to extend their advertising campaign."

Asked about the program, Beth Bronfman, managing partner at New York-based LBL and onetime VP-advertising at Macy's, told Adages: "The desired result is to elicit a smile. ... We want the reader to say, 'These people seem a little different. They're clever. They're cool. I think I'll check them out.'"

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