Jesus Dragged Into Stimulus Ad Battle

American Issues Project Spot to Run on Cable Networks

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According to Politico, the American Issues Project is running the below ad -- titled "Every Single Day" -- to point out the waste of the stimulus bill. Perhaps foolishly, the ad name-drops Jesus to make what seems to be a valid point: "Suppose you spent $1 million every single day starting from the day Jesus was born. ... You would still have spent less money than Congress just did." It goes on to feature Chuck Schumer claiming that average Americans (you know, just the sort represented by a New York senator) don't care about little things like pork.

I say "perhaps" foolishly because the group could have made the same point without dragging Jesus into this. For the genre, the ad is well-crafted and engaging. So why not just say every day for the past 2,000 years and leave the J-Man out of it? Well, I guess because no one would write about the ad and give it free media play. Doh! According to Politico, the group is spending "just under $1 million on the ad, which will be aired on national cable." They'll probably get another million or so worth of free coverage.

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