Has Wrath of Cannes Jumped the Skinny-Jeaned Shark?

Award Show Moves From Coney Island to Hipster Heaven

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After being told I was fired in 20 different ways on the Wrath of Cannes welcome page, I noted on the next page that this year's tagline is "Those who can go to the Riviera. Those who can't go to the East River." Say what? At first, I thought the little trophy of the man with his head up his butt had given up on Coney Island and moved to Manhattan. But no, it's worse than that. He's moved his act to Williamsburg, which is pretty much epicenter of every single thing wrong with pop culture today. Every. Thing.

For those of you who failed New York City geography, don't care about New York or have no interest in ad competitions that hand out more snark than they do hardware, the Wrath of Cannes is an award show that used to take place at Brooklyn's fabled Coney Island. WoC delights in slapping the whole idea of Cannes around. For example, they estimate the cost of attending Cannes in the neighborhood of $22,000. The cost of attending WoC? $25.

The trophy, though, was my favorite part. It was named the Grand Coney. But now they've taken the Coney out of Coney.

According to the website, "Due to the corporate takeover and gentrification of Coney Island, and a fair amount of bitching about how far away it is, we've left the fabled Boardwalk by the Sea until that shit shakes out. However, the Grand Coney Trophy retains its name just to confuse."

See, that right there is the problem with hipsters. All their talk of open-mindedness, they just can't stand the thought of leaving their faux-squalid neighborhood to drink $2 beer (says the guy who hadn't gone to previous WoC shows because, well, c'mon, Coney Island on a weeknight?).

But seriously, folks. If you're in the industry, stuck in town (rather than in Cannes) and feel brave enough to walk through hipster hordes for some cheap beer and some industry mocking, you could do worse than hanging out with WoC creators Woods Witt Dealy & Sons. They sure now how to put lipstick on the pig, after all. For example, they say, the "amenities" at the new venue "include a bar, wood floor, pool table, couches, toilets for both sitting and standing, and an outdoor patio with some kind of weird food truck that may or may not be serving something that may or may not be safe to eat."

And you can always work in a few laps in the East River.

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