More Razzie-esque Awards Honor the Worst in Advertising

Consumerist Joins in Celebration of Crapvertising; Crowell Brings Back Tracy Awards

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In the (often mean) spirit of Web 2.0, opportunities to publicly ridicule crappy advertising are growing more abundant by the year.

That's great news for us, less-great news for agencies and marketers (which we admit is one of our favorite kinds of news).

Last year, Salt Lake City-based Crowell Advertising opened the floodgates with the first-of-its-kind Tracy Awards, which honored marketers like Oreo, Microsoft, Snickers and Yahoo with colorful and (we gotta admit) pretty appropriate titles such as "Best Use of a Jingle to Justify Suicide" and "Best Use of Condescension to Illustrate an Already Painfully Obvious Point." Crowell received more than 1,000 submissions last year, said spokesman Marshall Hartley, and they're off and running accepting this year's submissions. (Winners will be announced in December, which may or may not affect creatives' holiday bonuses.)

But this year, Consumerist is tapping the reservoir of demand for angry consumer retribution by creating the first Worst Ad in America awards, which, like the Tracy's, celebrates the foulest marketing fumbles based on user-submitted suggestions. Their list of nominees will be unveiled tomorrow, and trust us, it's cringeworthy; contenders for top prizes include Quiznos' nightmarish singing-kittens spot (which Hartley mentions is a shoe-in for a Tracy this year, as well) and the decidedly uninspired "Not Without My Coffee" guy from those McDonald's ads. (For a full list of nominees, check back tomorrow for a link to Consumerist's ballot. UPDATE: Here it is.)

Unlike the Tracy's, though, you can nominate ads around predetermined categories, like "Most Grating Performance By a Human," or the sure-to-be-coveted "Absolute Worst Ad in America."

Our lips are sealed as to which marketers Consumerist lovingly tied to the flagpole in the quad (and why), but we'll spill this: They don't like you, Flo. They really, really don't like you.

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