Airlines Abuse You Because They Care

You See a $7 Pillow; JetBlue Sees 'Peace of Mind'

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Now that JetBlue is charging passengers $7 for blankets and pillows they used to offer for FREE, the airline can start using said blankets, many of which will likely now go unused because of the ridiculous fee, to cover up some of its PR gaffes.

So now, should airline employees ever have to allegedly toss another passenger in the bathroom for a three-hour flight to make room for a flight attendant, it can just cover up the faux pas, literally. Or if a study should come out ranking the airline the worst in terms of on-time performance in July, just cover that up as well. Those $5-off coupons for Bed Bath & Beyond that come with each blanket/pillow purchase will surely help travelers forget that they are being charged for another item or service they used to get for free. The airline is trying to dress up this latest round of nickel-and-diming by claiming "the world's cleanest travel pillow" will provide "peace of mind and allows the health-conscious traveler to rest easier in flight."

At least JetBlue hasn't started charging for drinking water like US Airways. Not yet anyway.
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