Al Gore Invents Consumer-Generated Ad Contest

Because Only a Good Branding Campaign Can Save the World

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Al Gore, perhaps convinced that Live Earth ratings were low only because no one had heard the month-long hoopla leading up to the concerts, is out to raise more awareness. Like "sparking debate," "raising awareness" is what politicians and pundits do to raise money when ... well, money can't actually solve the problem at hand.

According to The New York Times, since Al thinks "that governments were moving much too slowly to address what he calls the global warming crisis. He said he hoped to use a sophisticated and well-financed advertising campaign to motivate people in the United States and around the globe to demand immediate action on the greenhouse gases that scientists say are cooking the planet."

At any rate, Gore is inviting agencies and regular schmoes to submit their best ideas, in effect pitting the pros against the unwashed masses -- which is sort of how Gore seems to see the public.

"The way nations and societies make up their minds in the modern age has much more to do with mass advertising than many of us purists would like, but that's the reality," told the times. "Since we face a true planetary emergency, we have to give the planet a P.R. agent."

Much more to do with mass advertising, huh? Sigh. We have to convince the dirty old public. Too bad it can't be left in the all-knowing hands of, well, Al Gore. And perhaps Gore's been spending too much time in California if he thinks what's needed in times of a "true emergency" is a good P.R. agent.

Behold the power of advertising. It makes kids fat. It gives people lung cancer. And now it's going to save the planet from global warming.

Is there anything it can't do? (Aside from ending racism, curbing teen drug abuse, stopping violent crime, bringing world peace ...)
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