Al Gore's Logo Looks Very Familiar

Perhaps He's Taking the Recycling Thing Too Far

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So this is what $300 million gets you? It must be a slow news day over at the Times if we're getting hundreds upon hundreds of words taking a look at the logo for the Alliance for Climate Protection. See what branding firm Collins did there? It made a we/me on a green background. Get it? Green. I'm so tempted to quote George Parker right now.

Never mind the beyond-dubious assertion that "we the people" -- 95% of which believe in angels and Santa Claus -- should be making decisions about scientific policy, especially at the behest of a guy who made D's and C's in science while majoring in "government." The biggest problem with the logo is that it's just unoriginal. Now, where have we seen the pure genius of the we/me dichotomy before (I mean aside from the binders of the average junior high student)? Oh, yes, in this ridiculous spot for Converse:

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