Anarcho-Hippies, Welcome Your Corporate Overlords

Burning Man's Fraternization With Marketers Upsets Some

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If you haven't checked out the Business 2.0 piece about Burning Man's dalliance with big scary COMPANIES (ick, money-making!) and how it's upsetting some of the purists, check it out now. (What makes me laugh is that the evil capitalists in this equation are all so-called green eco-companies.)

Then read this excellent essay by Reason's Brian Doherty. Doherty points out some obvious facts, the biggest being that capitalism isn't necessarily and evil and that usually the people who think so are those allowed to grow fat, lazy and pampered precisely because they live in a capitalist society. And there's this:

Burning Man is rife with the products of corporations, and always has been. And has always had to be. The prepared food items and bottled water we live on out there; the portajohns our wastes go in after eating that food and drinking that water; the tents we sleep in, the pipe and metal domes we lounge under, the clothes we wear, either exotic or normal—all sold to us not for fellow-feeling but by monied interests, usually corporate, who just want our cash. For Burning Man to be truly free of the products of corporate commerce, it would be a zone we could survive in for at most a few hours, and grimly at that.

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