Angry Moms Parody Motrin Ads

Now Who's Going to Be Offended?

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The baby-sling Motrin ad that infuriated Twitter moms last weekend and brought the fury of baby-wearing women upon Johnson & Johnson practically begged for mockery.

Thanks to Motherhood Uncensored, a mommy blog, and Imperfect Parent, an online magazine for parents "who want to exercise their mind and read more than articles about diaper rash," our prayers for parody have been answered. Their joint animated effort, "A Motrin Commercial Alternative," mimics the Motrin ad -- but instead of baby slings, it pokes fun at boob jobs. Because, you know, implants can be painful! Especially on your back! But well worth it, of course. At least, according to the female voiceover. "I put up with the pain because it's a good kind of pain," she says. "It's for my husband."

But will there be another backlash? Surely yes, gauging this annoyed YouTube viewer: "I grew the big rack that this ad pokes fun at -- and I have to say, it's insulting to me."

Oh please.
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