Bud Was Going to Make It Tough to Choose Just One 55-Calorie Brew

Somehow Beer Drinkers Were Spared Michelob 55

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Anheuser-Busch, in an apparent gift to beer drinkers everywhere, has apparently decided not to go forward with an entire tier of 55-calorie beers.

A-B last week announced plans to test market Budweiser Select 55 in a handful of markets later this year, piggybacking on the strong sales trends for MillerCoors' MGD 64, a beer that, when it first appeared, was described by an impressed major-market wholesaler as "not as watery as you'd think."

While that description somehow didn't catch on as a tagline, MGD 64 has clearly resonated with the calorie counters, and A-B obviously wants in on that action -- so much so that it got the federal government to approve labels for two more 55-calorie brews, Anheuser 55 and Michelob 55, raising the prospect of an entire tier of 55 calorie brews.

I mean, where does it stop?

Stella 55?

Guinness 50?

Sam Adams 45?

Thankfully, those launches don't appear headed anywhere. "As is customary in the new-product-development process, we consider several product concepts and marketing approaches when determining how new brands may fit into our portfolio," said Pat McGauley, A-B's VP-innovation. "As previously announced, we plan to focus on the upcoming launches of Bud Light Golden Wheat and Select 55."

Here are the labels for the three low-cal brands. If anything, Select 55 looks less, um, weak.

A-B labels

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