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More Web 2.0 Manners

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In light of B.L. Ochman's DigitalNext post about Web 2.0 etiquette and my grousing yesterday about how not to go begging for Twitter followers, I figured this comment from a reader Angela Pitre needed to be given its due:

I incorporate these lessons into my curriculum daily (manners made fun for kids) and have noticed a new problem brewing that isn't on your list yet and was hoping I could add it.
TAGGING ON FACEBOOK. Please don't Tag me in every one of your 25 things or book lists or whatever. They are becoming the new "forward this email to ten people" problem.
This stuff has to be taught to our kids, not just adults. So parents, please pass this knowledge on to them if you aren't already!
Amen, sister.

Of course, parents should also be leading by example. I actually had as my status for a week on Facebook: "One random thing about Ken: He's not doing your stupid 25 random things list." It's mildly annoying when family and friends do it. It's downright unprofessional when someone you met once at an industry cocktail party includes you on this sort of foolishness.

And, while we're at it, quit sending Facebook apps, virtual pets, virtual plants and other bits of flotsam. I'm not playing along. I don't care how safe Facebook is. I use PCs and I've managed to keep malware and spyware off of them -- including one that's six years old -- by not clicking on that sort of foolishness.

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