Does Anti-Gun Ad Make Shooting Stuff Look Cool?

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Check out this anti-gun spot from the U.K. created by AMV BBDO. Jeff Beer, over at sibling publication Creativity, says: "The film is stunning and especially effective when paired up with a classical score that sets the somber tone perfectly."

But Copyranter, blogging over at Gawker, says of the spot: "If I was a teen gangster, after seeing this fetishizing of gunplay, I'd grab my piece and head to a deserted area and start blasting away at watermelons. In fact, the first 50 seconds of this video would make a perfect opening for an NRA PowerPoint recruitment presentation."

Of course, it's the last 10 seconds of the ad -- and I don't want to ruin the surprise for you -- that are supposed to get you. Question is, can those last 10 seconds make up for all that slowmo fetishization in the first part.
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