Ari Fleischer, IMG Launch Sports Firm

Yeah, That Air Fleischer

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IMG and former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer are starting a joint venture called Ari Fleischer Sports Communications. "The New York-based consultancy company will offer management advisory services, including media training and interview preparation, image management, crisis management and media relations to a wide range of athletes, coaches and high-profile sports industry executives." Fleischer will serve as the company's President. I can't imagine a better guy to instruct athletes in the art of not answering a question. "The coach has made his position clear on that issue. He's made it clear. I'm not going to get into it. No. No. You listen. He's on the record. I'm sure you can look up recent comments and see that he's made his position clear."

Sure, you think I'm joking. But look at this bit from the official website: "The way the press treats athletes and sports executives has become increasingly adversarial and conflict-driven. Athletes who are trained to give it all and leave it on the field now face a public and a media that demand more."
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