Arianna Rallies the Goodby Troops

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About 200 Goodby, Silverstein employees gathered in a two story atrium in the agency's San Francisco office, leaning over railings and sitting on steps to hear an address by Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington. After a few jokes about having an authentic accent -- she said she once thanked Henry Kissinger for "making incomprehensibility" acceptable in America -- she said the only thing working about the Bush Administration's surge in Iraq is the "brand of the surge."

She chided the media and Democratic leaders for failing to get tough on the war. She also urged people to hang up on pollsters whose results, she said, should be printed along with the horoscopes rather than in the news section.

Interestingly, she asked those who had made up their minds about the upcoming election to raise a hand. No one did.

Perhaps her best line of the morning was a heartfelt reach out to the young agency women whom she said could be successful women in the work force and in family life. But, she warned those contemplating children, "When they take the baby out, they put the guilt in."

Late last year, Rich Silverstein launched a poster project dubbed HuffPost's Posterizing the Modern GOP project, which created a series of three posters listing the names, slogans and controversial events of the Bush Administration. He said over the holidays 40,000 posters were sold on the web site and money collected will be used to put the posters up around the nation.

The question being pondered now: Should the posters be put up in New York, Los Angeles and other Democratic cities, or go for the heartland?
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