Is Ashton Kutcher the Hugo Chavez of Twitter?

If So, What Does That Make CNN?

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So Ashton Kutcher and CNN are trying to break 1 million followers on Twitter. As a lark, some folks have tried to unfollow Kutcher, only to find they can't! One vote for every man and woman -- as long as it's for aplusk! But wait, there's more. You can't unfollow CNNbrk, either. I demand justice. I demand that both Ashton and CNN reach out to me via Twitter, via blog, via e-mail right this minute. Or their brands will be permanently damaged. Ashton Kutcher will wake up a poor, broken shell of a man tomorrow, and not even Bruce Willis will be able to save him. And CNN will be reduced to shouting at tea-party revolutionaries in the streets!

You had better recognize the power of Ken Wheaton. Social. Media. Expert. Guru. Professional. As the kids say. Recognize.

Oh, wait. I was just allowed to unfollow CNN. Never mind. But I still can't unfollow Ashton. Maybe only one of them is truly evil. Maybe Ashton is a front for Fox News AND the mastermind behind the tea party movement. Or maybe this is all a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing.

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