Australian PSA Compares Hamburger to Heroin

Over-the-Top Ad Confronts Obesity Issue

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Hey, check it out. Americans aren't the only ones with an obesity issue. Seems that Australia has one as well. And what better way to tackle such a first-world problem than with a good ol' PSA that equates giving your child a hamburger directly with tying him off and shooting him full of smack! On its Facebook page, The Precinct Studios, the firm that produced the spot says, "clearly we won't be seeing it on TV screens any time soon." But have some faith guys. Australia, after all, was the birthing ground for the anti-smoking PSA that abandoned a child in a train station to make him cry just to get its point across. That one was so sadistic, New York picked it up for its own smoking efforts. Dream big, guys! Send this to Mike Bloomberg and you'll have an international sensation on your hands. (Via The Awl)

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