The Awareness Fairy Visits Australia

Anti-Speeding Ad Is Funny, But Is It a Success?

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This summer (or winter if you live in Australia), Roads and Traffic Authority in New South Wales unleashed a public safety campaign that aimed to stop young men from speeding. How? By insinuating such men had small willies.

Cute. And certainly better than the usual PSA.

Now, they claim, the campaign is a success. What a shock! That's what the government always claims about huge expenditures of government money on moronic -- if funny -- ad campaigns.

Are traffic deaths down dramatically? Have fewer speeding tickets been issued? Who knows? Here's how they measure success: "More than 60 per cent of young males surveyed said the campaign had made them think about their driving behaviour."

And then those young men peeled out and drove off at six times the speed limit laughing hysterically.

What an 18-year-old says in a survey is not a valid metric. And it's something only a governmental functionary (or a reporter) would give creedence to.
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