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Adages is always fascinated by Advertising Women of New York's Good Bad and Ugly Awards. In its ninth year, the show "celebrates the positive depiction of women in ads by awarding them Goods" and "admonishes advertising that is offensive or insulting to women by awarding them Bads and Uglies." Of course, we're much more interested in the Bads and Uglies. Not only do we like public spankings, but-and we hate to admit this-the Bads and Uglies are more often our type of ads. But we had to agree with AWNY on this year's Grand Ugly for TV, which went to the Carl's Jr. ad starring Paris Hilton. What a filthy, disgusting, raunchy ad. We'd be afraid to put a Carl's Jr. burger in our mouth after that spectacle. But we'll say this much in defense of Carl's Jr. and agency Mendelsohn Zien, Los Angeles: It's not like Paris had any dignity left to lose at that point.

This year's event was hosted by Lowe, New York, and the emcee role was handled by John Gray, author of "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus." Gray demonstrated a device called the Bazooka Blocker, which stops men's eyes from wandering below the neckline when talking to a woman. And, in keeping with this year's semi-unsettling theme of re-education (some aspects of the site put us in mind of Soviet-style rehabilitation), Gray held a therapy session with Maxim Senior Associate Editor John DeVore. We think it's going to take more than one session to rehabilitate a Maxim guy.

Wieden & Kennedy won the Grand Goods in TV (for and ESPN spot) and print (for Nike work).

Yo, Adrian!

Ad agencies in the Pacific Northwest long have duked it out for business, but on April 28 they're taking the fight to a new level. Wieden & Kennedy actually will be setting up a ring in its atrium theater where a dozen Portland, Ore.-area agency employees will slug it out in a charity boxing match to raise money for the Central Oregon Boxing Club. The brainchild of students at Wieden & Kennedy 12, a school within the ad agency, has required the securing of referees and, of course, special insurance. Six matches will be held, two involving women and one involving the creative director Jerry Ketel of Leopold Ketel and Partners. Will CEO Dan Wieden lace up? "He will not be boxing," said Tim Donza, one of the students working on the fundraiser.

JPS: His own worst enemy?

You have to hand it to gossip writer Jared Paul Stern for having a knack for alienating the few people who want to stick up for him. While he had found a defender against extortion accusations in the anonymous Web site "Free Jared Paul Stern," his vitriolic two-day stint as guest editor on Gawker seems to have cost him even that anonymous ally. The site (http://freejared once posted links to articles that raised questions about the alleged extortion target, Ron Burkle, and argued that Mr. Stern was the victim of a rush to judgment. But last week, it posted the headline "Free (um, we mean, FRY) Jared Paul Stern," with the following explanation: Well, folks, we may have backed the wrong horse after all. Contacted about the apparent change of heart, the operator wrote, "We've moved to 'Fry.' JPS blew it on Gawker."

The doodle bug

Adages has discovered that we're not the only ones, when trapped at, er, attending a conference or meeting to make the time fly by doodling. Seems that Turkel CEO-executive creative director Bruce Turkel also has a doodling habit. But whereas we draw rockets and airplanes and battleships (and inevitably embarrass ourselves by making sound effects to accompany our doodles), Turkel draws caricatures. We received a raft of them. There's a pretty good Bob Greenberg of R/GA. We also have a Ron Berger, a Michael Jeary, an Andrew Robertson and others. (Turkel's drawings have been published in Hispanic magazine Poder.) We did notice something strange about Turkel's drawings: he writes down the ideas the subject is talking about, which means, unlike us, he's actually paying attention.

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