'But It Didn't Run in the Book ...'

Online Ain't Chopped Liver

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Here we are, trying to run a "platform-neutral," "forward-looking" content-delivery system that targets the brightest minds in marketing and media, but at least once a week we still get someone complaining that a story only ran online, that it didn't run in the book. Just once last year did I talk to someone who, when told his piece was likely to run only online, said, "Oh, that's great. That's what we wanted. We want it to spread around, be linkable." Well, DUH!

Anyhoo, Kevin over at The Bad Pitch Blog posted this video from RealWire on Vimeo. It explains the wonders of this whole interwebs thing. Maybe PR people should sit down their more curmudgeonly bosses, show them this video and explain that the interweb machine is not just a series of tubes:

The Online Media from RealWire on Vimeo.

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