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Unique Piece of Farming Equipment Gets the Disco Treatment

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There's an entire world out there beyond the concrete jungles of New York, Chicago and L.A. One where people still produce, you know, products as opposed to ideate "ideas." A world where people grow and kill and collect the foods that we eat. And that world uses marketing as well. And sometimes, it's just as weird and cool -- or weirdly cool -- as the stuff produced by the latest hot-shops.

Behold, the video for GEA Farm Technologies' ClassicPro silicone teat-cup liners.

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A teat-cup liner, for those of you who don't know, is the bit that goes into the machine that attaches to a cow or other dairy animal's teats to form a better seal and to make the milking process more "soothing." Why it should be doing a disco dance is beyond me. But if we start asking such questions, we have to also ask ourselves why pigs seem to enjoy basting themselves in barbecue advertising, why Charlie is in a tuna commercial, what a mean-spirited cheetah has to do with Cheetos and what kind of drugs are being ingested by the folks who make Skittles commercials.

If you can find something stranger -- and it's clean and safe for work -- do let us know.

Via BoingBoing.

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