Ben & Jerry's Advertising on a Hummer?

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Check out this link. It shows a Hummer -- one of those old-school Army ones, not those girlified H3s -- advertising for Ben & Jerry's. The outraged blogger who posted the photo writes: "Back in 2000, when Unilever bought out Ben & Jerry's I figured they would screw with the ice cream. And they did."

But hold the phone. Closer examination of the photo shows that this rolling embodiment of warmongering capitalism is advertising store locations.

So we placed a couple of calls to Ben & Jerry's and got to the bottom of this.

"This particular individual owns a couple of franchises. And the story behind the car is that he is trying to elicit responses from people, because that Hummer is fueled by [biodiesel] environmentally friendly fuel," a Ben & Jerry's spokesman said. "So he wants folks, just like this woman did in her blog, to be alarmed about it, so he can have conversations with them explaining what he's doing, why he's doing it and so on. He's trying to promote Ben & Jerry's not knock it down. So those folks who are posting those pictures are actually playing into that."
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