Beyonce and Jay-Z's Baby Not so Happy News for Events Company of Same Name

Boston-Based Blue Ivy's Search Results to Plummet

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Celebrities' penchant for anointing their babies with crazy names has gone from an amusing American pastime to an actual business dilemma for one company.

Hip-hop power couple Beyonce and Jay -Z have been mum since welcoming their first child this weekend, but press reports as well as tweets from friends and family confirmed the arrival of a little girl. Her name? Blue Ivy Carter.

That came as a huge surprise for another Blue Ivy, one that happens to be a Boston-based events company. Featured in the Knot and other wedding magazines, the company is well-known for its talent at staging fancy nuptials but also does corporate work including conferences, award shows and company outings.

Though Beyonce and Jay -Z's choice of name for their daughter may not be as outlandish as other celebs' picks -- take Kal-El Coppola Cage (Nicolas Cage's spawn) and Zuma Nesta Rock (Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale's younger son), for instance -- some star-watchers are wondering whether the name might be a marketing ploy in and of itself. There's speculation that the name is a reference to Jay 's albums, three of which have the word "Blue" in them, as well as Beyonce's latest album "4", as could stand for the roman numeral for the number four, IV.

The biggest issue we see here is the fact that thanks to Bey and Jay , the Google page ranking for the company's website -- which was No. 1 until now, according to TMZ -- will likely sink beneath mentions of the baby till the end of time. The same could happen on Yelp, where reviews have earned the company a rating of five stars.

But Blue Ivy Events seems to be taking the news well, and hasn't wasted any time using the baby's name as an opportunity to grab its 15 seconds of fame. The company is making the rounds speaking to local radio and TV stations. On its Facebook page, it wrote "Sounds like we have our spokesmodel for the future!" and it told TMZ:"Clearly great minds think alike, and who better than our Blue Ivy to plan events for B&J's Blue Ivy?"

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