Next Big Idea in Marketing: WOSISM

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Forget Word of Mouth. Instead, try Tyra Banks' patented Word of Slightly Insane Super Model. I don't know how old this clip is, but it's just in time for Halloween. No one should be that excited about a petroleum product--unless it's coming out of a hole in your backyard and you have mineral rights on the property. And it's one thing for Tyra to go nuts for Vaseline--after all, she's getting something (whether it's cash or a lifetime supply of goop) out of the deal--but the audience should be ashamed of itself. Then again, maybe they thought those were key-chains (you know, with car keys on the end) rather than a diamond-encrusted jar of petroleum jelly.

Regardless of what I think, though. It's obviously a smart deal by Vaseline.

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