One Billion Viewers, My Foot!

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Daniel Radosh, writing in the New Yorker, took a moment last week to point out that certain claims about the viewing audience for the Oscars are about as bogus as "Crash" winning an award for Best Picture:

But the worldwide audience for the Oscars isn't even close to a billion, as a little common sense makes plain. In the United States, 43.5 million people watched the show last year. That's a lot, but it's 956.5 million short of a billion. Can the show really pick up that many viewers in countries that most of the films and people being honored are not from, and where the speeches are in a language that most of the population does not speak?

But we all know Hollywood likes to feel important and smart -- thus such ridiculous numbers and awards for preachy, ridiculous writers (I'm looking at you Haggis).
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