Billy Mays Encroaches on The King's Turf

Is OxiClean Guy the Hot New Halloween Costume?

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Here's one way to know your brand has hit a popular-culture nerve: When a grade-schooler dresses up like your pitchman for Halloween. Marching alongside the witches, ghouls, superheroes and princesses at today's Halloween parade at St. Joseph's School in suburban Bogota N.J. was a more-than-reasonable facsimile of none other than OxiClean's louder-than-life spokesman Billy Mays.

Our sources tell us the wig for the costume was actually fashioned from a gorilla mask, and that the kid posing as Mays got the idea because he loves infomericals. But apparently not everyone does -- even though the would-be Mays waving his OxiClean box should have been a major clue, parents waving from the sidelines seemed perplexed as to his identity. One went so far as to call him "Mr. Clean." So much for As Seen On TV.

But while OxiClean parent Church & Dwight may not want to go so far as to produce seasonal Mays masks like Burger King does for its royal icon, it's apparent the marketer has had the trick-or-treater crowds in mind. On its website, it's pitching a Halloween Stain Removal Kit, especially formulated to get out candy and chocolate stains.
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