Will It Blend? Best Online Effort of the Week

$50 Campaign Gets Attention

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Ever wondered what would happen if you put 50 glass marbles into a blender? Well, if you're using a Blendtec blender, you'll get a nice powder of pulverized glass. Let's go to video. Marbles aren't your thing? You'd rather see golf balls placed into a blender? You're in luck. Blendtec's Will It Blend site offers video footage of the following items being placed into a blender: marbles, golf balls, a full can of coke, a rake handle, and a whole chicken.

These videos are rocketing around the web because they speak to that inner boy in all of us who just wants to push mechanical equipment well beyond the limit. In the immortal words of Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor: "Argk-argk-argk-argk!"

More important, for a $50 investment in rake handles, marbles and chicken, the company is now getting international recognition. (OK, sure. The video camera and editing likely drove the budget higher.)

For more details on the Will it Blend effort, let's go to KSL TV 5. The blender's co-star in the video? Blendtec CEO Tom Dickson. But the real star is Blendtec Marketing Manager George Wright, who developed the idea and who's now receiving hundred of emails suggesting what should be blended next.

"You should hear some of the creative things they're telling us," Wright told an AP reporter. "'Precious Moments figurines, because 'I hate them' ... batteries, cell phones, iPods."
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