Bob Dylan Shills for Cadillac

Move Over, Rappers. Folk Legend Pimps This Ride

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Hot off the press-release presses. Bob Dylan is shilling for Cadillac. Or Cadillac is shilling for Bob Dylan. Or XM Radio and Bob Dylan and Cadillac are teaming up to shill for each other.

Let's let the press release speak for a second: "Music icon Bob Dylan will star in an innovative multi-platform marketing campaign for the 2008 Cadillac Escalade that integrates his critically acclaimed XM Radio show, 'Theme Time Radio Hour.' The campaign, which begins today, highlights XM as a standard feature in the Escalade through TV, online and print. Coinciding with the campaign's launch, Dylan's critically acclaimed XM show 'Theme Time Radio Hour,' which offers an eclectic mix of music based around a weekly theme, will include a 'Cadillac'-themed episode, premiering October 24."

The campaign launches with a :30 spot from Modernista, but we'll let you take a peek at the :60. You'll note that a) You can't even tell it's Dylan for the first half of the ad, b) Dylan for some reason gets out of his Escalade in the middle of nowhere, and c) DYLAN SPEAKS!

Actually, Dylan speaks every week on his critically-acclaimed "Theme Time Radio Hour" show on XM. And this spot isn't nearly as creepy as Dylan in the Victoria's Secret spot, though it does make us wonder if all that music-pirating is cutting into his royalties so much that he has to do commercial work.

But seriously ... while this is meant to promote Dylan's radio show as much as the Cadillac, and while it includes print and online work, the take-away for the average viewer will be this: "Bob Dylan's doing car commercials."

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