Bob Lutz: Global Warming a "Crock of Sh*t"

Heretic Comments Require a Crucifixion!

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According to Popular Science, which is quoting D Magazine, GM's Bob Lutz was overheard saying global warming is a "crock of shit." I don't think it necessarily comes as a surprise to anyone that an auto guy feels that way, but that the remark escaped the confines of those back rooms! Al Gore is undoubtedly air-lifting troops into Detroit right this minute. For such doubt, there will be blood! I kid, I kid.

This may cause some true believers to wonder if such remarks mean GM isn't going to actually launch the Volt. But as PopSci says, "GM doesn't have to have noble intentions as long as it delivers the fuel-efficient cars it's been promising." But the mag does note, Lutz isn't doing himself any PR favors.
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