Boeing Gets Fingered in Alabama

Hissy Fit Over Grumman Deal Has Mobile Outraged

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How you like them fingers, Boeing?
How you like them fingers, Boeing?
How does a chicken joint get in the business of telling off Boeing? The Air Force awarded a tanker contract to Northrop Grumman/EADS. The company was going to build its KC-45 at two plants in Mobile, Ala. Aside from the 1,800 workers the two facilities would employ, one would assume another bucket o' jobs just to construct the plants. Hooray for America! But wait. Boeing, which lost the $35B bid, is an American company (even if it is based in Seattle!) and it wasn't going to sit idly by while the Eurotrash at EADS stole money (and jobs) from an American company. It protested to the Government Accountability Office, which last week upheld the protest and called for a reconsideration. ... Which is where the chicken joint comes in.

Foosackly's Chicken Fingers, located in Mobile, was none too pleased about all those potential jobs (and the hungry laborers they would bring) going up in smoke. So Foosackly put up a billboard that says, quite elegantly, "We would like to offer Boeing a finger." The sign, located off I-65, was created by Red Square Agency, which also crafted smaller signs and bumper stickers. That's smart business. (Unless, of course, Red Square ever tries to pitch Boeing.)

Obviously, what's needed next is a like-minded effort up in the Pacific Northwest, perhaps from some coffee shop. May I suggest: "Here's a piping hot mug of shut the hell up, Northrop Grumman/EADS."
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