Bogusky Does Bozeman?

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We never run press releases. In fact, one of the few twisted pleasures reporters get around here is saying, "No, we don't run press releases." The few times it's been done in Adages was to basically humiliate the poor fool who sent it along -- especially if it had something to do with Second Life.

But this one was so weird, I figured I'd run two paragraphs from it.

Mercury Advertising, based in Bozeman, Montana, defended Montana's honor and caught Alex Bogusky in the headlights, so to speak. In a July 2006 interview in Adweek Bogusky was quoted as saying, "I know there aren't good advertising jobs in Montana." Jeff Welch, principle of Mercury Advertising, took this remark as an opportunity to strike up a dialog with Bogusky...and offer him an opportunity to see Montana's emerging creative hotbed.

Bogusky and Welch participated in a lively chat before a sold-out auditorium in Bozeman's Emerson Cultural Center on September 27, 2007. Bogusky discussed ad campaigns past and present, as well as his move to Boulder, Colorado, and newly found passion for mountainous locations and a refreshing sense of community. Bogusky later recanted his previous Montana comment after his evening in Bozeman, and possibly could have been swayed from the various "gifts" event organizer Off The Grid presented him with, which included a mounted deer head and Big Sky Country mud flaps for his Suburban.

A sold-out auditorium? Really?
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