Bogusky Offers Some Advice for the Kids

Define Success Before Trying to Achieve It (and Be Wary of Awards)

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Crispin Porter & Bogusky's Alex Bogusky has posted some career advice for students (or anyone else) thinking of entering the ad industry. Those of you who so associate the man with the agency's work that you think he rides around on a motorcycle while wearing a BK King mask might be surprised how serious, level-headed and sincere the advice is. I especially liked the bit about advertising awards:

But here's how awards ruin a lot of budding careers. Listen closely because a lot of you will face this and very few of you will make the right decision. You're at a place that for some reason let something wonderful out the door. Something new and good is going on. Or maybe the agency has a long history of doing good work. So you win an award and right away you get lots of offers. Lots of offers to go places for big money. But these places haven't done any good work since the seventies. But this is you. You can turn things around. They have a hot new CD there. So you go. And a couple years later you realize you've become handcuffed by the salary so you stay but you never do anything anybody cares about for the next fifteen years until you are fired as a has been at the age of 40 with nothing to show to anybody that would get you hired. This is a real story that happens every day.

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