Bond Stirs Up Some Smirnoff

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Maybe you think Daniel Craig was an odd choice for the newest incarnation of James Bond. Maybe you secretly applauded when you heard the sets for Casino Royale went up in flames. But can you really argue with a marketer re-teaming with 007 -- especially if it's a vodka? C'mon, what spirit doesn't aspire to be the liquid Bond requests as "shaken, not stirred?" (Nevermind the fact that by shaking the drink, it is in effect being watered down.)

After a seven year break, Smirnoff has been reinstated as Bond's liquor of choice. While the last film, according to Theresa Howard writing for USA Today, "had about 20 partners who anted up a total of $100 million in marketing support," the next film has only eight. Mary Goss Robino, senior vice president, global marketing partnerships explains: "We have fewer marketers by choice. We work hand-in-hand with them to make sure everything fits with the brand and the character James Bond."
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