Boston Hates Marketing Stunts ...

More Than It Hates the Yankees

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According to the Boston Globe, mere weeks after Turner's Cartoon Network brought the city of Boston to its knees with an alien-themed guerilla marketing effort terrorist hoax, Cadbury Schweppes came THIS close to vanquishing the city with an effort for Dr Pepper. But this time around Boston's leaders were ready.

As part of a scavenger-hunt stunt for Dr Pepper, clues led treasure-seekers to a Boston cemetery. "After discovering another unconventional marketing campaign gone awry, angry Boston officials locked the cemetery grounds yesterday, fearing that the landmark cemetery would be damaged by overeager contestants seeking to win the North American top prize of $1 million."

Cadbury canceled the Boston-area contest and, like many other corporate citizens, took its business southward, where taxes are lower and knickers are slower to get in a twist. (Then again, I have to wonder what Cadbury was thinking by setting up this stunt in a historical site. Why not just hide the treasure in D.C., under the Constitution?)

That's not to say that Boston hasn't seen the silver lining in all of this: "Boston parks officials said city lawyers will take the matter up with Cadbury Schweppes and might seek compensation for the additional police details used to protect the cemetery."

Ka-ching! Perhaps city lawyers will find it cost $2 million to have the police lock that cemetery gate.
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