BP Back on Air With Advertising: What Do You Think?

Spot Tied to 2012 Olympic Sponsorship

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According to Campaign, BP is back with its first TV ad since last year's horrific oil spill. The spot, from Ogilvy & Mather, centers on sponsoring "the success of London 2012." And while it mentions lower-carbon goals and "target -neutral" programs and "fueling the future," it does come off as less "green-washy" as the companies efforts from earlier in the decade. For instance, the word "oil" is actually mentioned in the spot in the context of something that is used in automobiles rather than something the company is so totally over as it embraces solar power and unicorns.

That said, it's still a feel-good effort tied to a feel-good event. ("Feel-good" could also describe the company's YouTube page, which is dedicated to showing that the U.S. Gulf Coast region has recovered from the spill.) Duncan Blake, director of brand at BP, told Campaign: "We thought now people were in the mood to listen to message about the Olympics. . . . I'm confident people will see BP in a positive way."

The company had to return to normal advertising at some point. What do you think of the spot?

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