BP's Tony Hayward Speaks in TV Ad

'BP Has Taken Full Responsibility'

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According to CNN, BP has now broken a TV spot in its ongoing effort to maintain some sort of control over its brand image. You can check it out below or, if someone disables embedding, watch the spot at this link. Like the print ads that have been running, this ad also promises to make things right. BP is walking a tightrope with its messaging -- it needs to communicate something, but doesn't want to be seen as being overly focused on its brand when it should be cleaning up the Gulf. Then again, shots of Hayward and heroic clean-up efforts under a blazing sun can't compete with shots like these.

BP's lead creative agency, Ogilvy & Mather, did not create the print ads, and it's unclear at this time whether it had any involvement with this bit of advertising. Robert Wine, a spokesman for BP, said several agencies are working with BP on the campaign but would not specify which created the TV spot. "This will run for a while, it's part of a campaign that will run for a while as we try and reassure the people most directly affected and then the wider American public of our responsibilities and capability here in the Gulf."

He didn't know where the spot was running other than to say that it was only airing in the U.S. and that it started airing today as did radio and online spots. "This is the second stage of the campaign. The first was informational ads along the Gulf Coast that had more to do with how to make contact with us and launch compensation claims. This is the next step in addressing the broader issues and the wider audience on the overall progress of our response."

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