These Are Not the Droids You're Looking For

What's George Lucas Got to Do With Motorola Phone?

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As my eyeballs were being assaulted with the teaser campaign for Droid this weekend, my eyes were drawn to the fine print at the end of the ad. "DROID is a trademark of LucasFilm Ltd. and its related companies," it read. Nerd that I am, I immediately hoped for a tag-team match between Pixar and iPhone against LucasFilm and Droid. How cool would that be? Of course, we'd have to forget how little LucasFilm has done in watchable movies in quite some time and ignore that while the "Star Wars" franchise was being ruined, Pixar kept cranking out great movie after great movie. Then again, Droid (the phone) can't possibly be any worse than the iPhone when it comes to making, you know, actual phone calls. So it might all even out. (I spent an hour with an iPhone user yesterday as he laughed about how completely irrational he is when it comes to his "toy" and the fact that he knows it doesn't work as a phone, but he's not giving it up anyway.)

Alas, Droid is simply a word trademarked by LucasFilm, and Motorola pays a fee to use it. (Also, it's battery runs on midi-chlorians.)

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