Breaking News: 'McJobs not McEasy'

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Apparently, it takes an advanced degree to determine that slaving over hot oil and burger broilers while keeping a fake smile plastered to your face is not the easiest job in the world. And it doesn't pay that well either.

Those are the startling findings of Jerry Newman, a professor at the University of Buffalo School Management, who went "back of the house" a to see how the other half lives.

Among other things, Jerry ...
  • Went unnoticed by one "toxic manager" for four full days
  • Suffered through the indignity of wearing a uniform shirt that was too small for him.
  • Found that there were both smart and not-so-smart people working at fast-food places.
  • Ended up with three herniated discs. "I was popping pain pills left and right just to survive," he says.
Poor guy. I'm just hoping he wasn't using the taxpayers' money to "discover" these things.

OK. Maybe I'm being a little unfair, but the notion that a university professor's research suddenly makes these things any more real or true is a bit silly. Still, I am now tempted to read the resulting book: "My Secret Life on the McJob: Lessons from Behind the Counter Guaranteed to Supersize Any Management Style." (And, yes, I'm fully aware of making a breaking-news joke about this book, which came out way back in December of last year. I couldn't resist the easy joke. So sue me.)
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