Bring On the Beer...Again

Aussie Outfit Trades Bags for Bottles

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Something's brewing at Crumpler bags. The Australian "innovative case" retailer will host its second annual "Beer for Bags" event beginning June 9 in New York. Yes, you read right: Shoppers will have one week to swap various kinds of beer as cash for free backpacks, messenger bags and more at one of two NYC Crumpler outposts.

In 2006, exchanges were predetermined by a spin wheel posted online at and stuffed in issues of the Village Voice. According to '06 calculations, one case of Coopers and two Foster's Oil Cans could snag you a free Barney Russle Blanket messenger bag (retail price $95!).

No word yet when this year's swapping details will reach the web, but Ad Age, who happily hit the tap the first time around, can tell you it'll take two more Foster's Oil Cans to nab that Barney bag in 2007!

Crumpler made more than 1500 NYC beer-for-bag swaps in 2006, according to Bianca Dillon, marketing director at Crumpler. The promotion arrived stateside after five years Down Under. "We love our beer," Dillon added.

And where doth the booze go after it's stacked in Crumpler's storefronts through June 17?

"We have a sort of party at the end of the event, and we invite everyone who brought in beer to swap," said Dillon. Leftover beer is donated to community arts events, such as gallery openings and student exhibitions (for those over 21, of course).

Free bags, free booze (kind of) and a promise to support the arts? We're there. Grab your Foster's and get packing. Literally.
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