Burger King Employee Adds That Extra Little Ingredient

And We Ain't Talkin' About Love

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Hopefully this isn't a trend that will catch on. A Burger King employee gives himself a rather interesting birthday present -- a bath in the BK sink. How's that for a Whopper freakout? Rather disgusting to watch. But also interesting. Who knew BK sinks had jets in them!?! Those absolutely disgusted by the idea need to know two things: 1) The location of this Burger King is Xenia, Ohio; and 2) the health department has stepped in, forcing the restaurant to wash all utensils and sterilize the sink ... TWICE! (Video and more after the jump.)

Even better, according to a BK spokeswoman, "The remaining staff at this restaurant is being retrained in health and sanitation procedures." You know, because you need to be trained not to take your clothes off in the workplace and climb into the sink.

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