See Burger King's Hyperbolic 'Satisfries' TV Ad

Spot Shows People Falling Under the Spell of New Lower-Calorie Product

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Burger King launched its punny new 'Satisfries' on Tuesday, saying it represented one of its "biggest fast-food launches" ever. And the chain's being no less dramatic about the product in its advertising.

The voiceover in the ad -- by New York-based ad agency Mother -- describes the golden crinkle-cut sticks (which look a heck of a lot like Ore Idas) as "cut from whole potatoes, fried to perfection to satisfry our lives...the heroes, the lovers, the everyman...satisfry freakin' everybody."

People in the commercial are shown slowly consuming the fries in varying states of bliss. With a pair of lovers, for instance, it's hard to tell whether they're in love with each other, or if they're in love with the fries. A family may just truly be enjoying quality time at the park, or maybe they love the fries more than each other's company. Is the pensive fireman thinking about some deeper thing, or does he love the fries that much? And what would that everyman/Marlboro Man impersonator say if he had lines? It kills us that we may never know.

The ad push starts Wednesday and will run for up to six weeks. Satisfries are marketed with 40% less fat and 30% fewer calories, but the ad doesn't specify explicitly in relation to what. It's only in the fine print that the spot explains it's a reference to McDonald's fries.

Sales will determine whether Satisfries are a permanent product. "People's attitudes are changing and they're becoming more cognizant of the food they eat...we wanted to develop a french fry to give our guests a new options with nutritional benefits," said Burger King North America's Chief Marketing Officer Eric Hirschhorn. "We'll let America decide whether they stay."

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