BK's Onion Will Really Make You Cry

Is Crispin Embracing the Hate With Angry Whopper?

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Burger King's follow-up to "Whopper Virgins" is seriously pissed off. The latest work, also from agency Crispin Porter & Bogusky, is "Angry Whopper." There's a limited-time Angry Whopper sandwich that might upset your stomach, too. It's a Whopper with "sizzling angry onions," jalapenos, pepper jack cheese and something called angry sauce. National TV for the new campaign starts today and features the moving tale of a young onion raised on anger and hate. You can vent your frustrations with the sandwich, too. Craft an epistle at angry-gram.com, "to let someone know they totally do your head in." The whopper, when reading these love notes, has a cockney accent and bounces up and down with resounding thuds, always concluding with "Aaaaah!" Maybe I'm too relaxed from vacation because the "angry examples" were better than what I could come up with: "You're the only person I know whose glasses make them look more stupid," or "Your sex drive makes a monk look like a gigolo." There's an angry U.K. version as well.

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