Butts Banned Over Broadway

Judge Offers Temporary Restraining Order

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Out of Site was the first to bring you the news that Toto Washlet, maker of high-tech toilet seats/bidets, was going to place some two-story rear-ends on a billboard wrap overhanging Times Square. The smiley-faced cheeks were scheduled to go up on July 1, but at a couple of points last week we received calls wondering where the billboards were and asking if they'd been taken down.

They weren't taken down because they never went up. If you look closely at the artist's rendering, you'll note that two floors below the proposed billboards is a sign for the Times Square Church. Turns out that Rev. Neil Rhodes, the pastor at the church, didn't take very kindly to having giant smiling posteriors hanging over his church. Monday afternoon, he won an injunction when a judge temporarily barred the display of the billboard.

In a statement, a spokesman for Van Wagner Communications, the outdoor company responsible for placing the billboard, said: "Van Wagner Communications takes great pride in being a responsible corporate citizen. We carefully scrutinize advertisements that we post on our billboard locations. We recognize and respect the fact that the church and others have the right to object to this advertisement. In this case, the court has issued its preliminary ruling and we will abide by its decision."

ML Rogers, New York, the agency that created the ads, had no comment. Toto Washlet could not be reached.
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