Just Call Me Cha-Cha

Find Your Inner Orangutan at Animal Planet

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First of all, a note to PR people out there. If you have something related to monkeys or apes, I am one of the people you should be pitching.

Secondly, any simian fans out there should go check out this cute site for Animal Planet's Orangutan Island, probably the second best show on TV (after Battlestar Galactica). I've been catching the mini-marathons on Saturdays.

My only beef with the site is that it doesn't ask your gender, so I ended up being Cha-Cha (Jonah Bloom turned out to be Daisy). Funny, I always fancied myself more like Clyde, the 'tan who rode shotgun with Clint Eastwood in Every Which Way but Loose and Any Which Way You Can.
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