Canadian Agency's Bizarre Casting Call: Wants Zombies as Interns

Need Job Experience? Bring Out Your (Walking) Dead

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It's intern application time for agencies across adland, and rather than evaluating students' portfolio-school grades or picking apart their books, one Canadian agency is recruiting young talent using a radically different approach: zombies.

The shop, Copeland Communications, said traditional cover letters and resumes don't tell their management enough about a candidate's creative mind. So, it devised a contest asking potential interns--who aren't paid--to showcase themselves using a "zombie theme."

Talk about the walking dead.

As bizarre as it all sounds, it somehow makes a bit more sense when you consider Copeland's work for a local funeral home; to announce the opening of an "elegant new reception room" it devised a series of print ads with images of sushi and raw fish.

UPDATE: You can check out the finalists here.

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