Another Year, Another Controversy at Cannes

Winner of Nokia Contest Accused of Plagiarism

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Cannes simply can't stay away from controversy. Only difference is this time, it's not around fake ads or over which agency takes credit for winning work -- it's around a consumer-generated contest. Nokia awarded the top prize of a contest it held -- a trip to the Cannes Lions Festival -- to a young woman now being accused of plagiarizing her entry.

Jemma Lyon got the "Critics Choice Award" in Nokia's contest with an entry called "Forrest Chump," which is now being blasted as a carbon copy of this work.

Wrote one commenter on the site: "I think my previous comment has been removed but I once again want to point out that the critic's choice award winner 'Forrest Chump' is a direct copy of a YouTube video by the University of York called 'Forrest Gump one minute one take'. Copying the idea and dialogue only shot with a phone instead. The video has over 2 million hits and has been up since Jan. 2009." Wrote another: "Wow, i am SO disappointed and frankly upset that the entry ... is SUCH a blatant copy. I as well as many other film makers who entered this competition have put a LOT of effort and time into their film regarding its originality and creativity!!"

Nokia is investigating the matter, as it explains in this apologetic blog post -- though it's a bit too late, because Ms. Lyon is already here in France.

Lest we look like we're copiers too, Steve Hall over at Adrants posted about the scandal right before we did.

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