Carl's Jr. Gets a Mouthful From YouTube Celeb's Spoof

Not Included in Official Campaign, Shane Dawson Gets Revenge (and Cash)

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OK, so Carl's Jr. is the latest marketer (see Ford, AT&T) to take advantage of the fact that your average YouTube "star" will do just about anything to get paid or get free stuff. But here's something they might not have counted on: a video from a jilted YouTube-er spoofing the campaign by repeatedly finding "pubes" in his prop sandwich. (Warning, the video might not be safe for work due to language and certainly isn't safe for anyone trying to eat.)

Shane Dawson is closing on 200,000 views for his "Anti-Carl's Jr. Commercial," which means he's doing better than all but three of the nine "official" spokes-tubers got for their videos. So far the campaign has netted nearly 1.7 million views since the beginning of the week, according to TubeMogul.

Why would Shane Dawson waste his time? Well, it's not exactly wasted. Showtime is doing a run-of-site on YouTube for "Nurse Jackie," and since Dawson is a YouTube partner he could net 55% of perhaps $15 CPM. So, even if he isn't getting paid by Carl's Jr. like his luckier peers, he's getting paid by YouTube and stands to make at least a few thousand dollars from his effort.

As far as a deal with Carl's goes, that won't be happening any time soon, according to the chain. "We were going to get some reaction we can't control," said Carl's Jr. spokeswoman Beth Mansfield of the spoof. "It's the social part of social media. While we won't be doing a deal with him anytime soon, it's content that he knew would get a lot of views. He's a savvy marketer."

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