Carvel Pushes the Limits of Ice-Cream Cake

But Has It Gone Too Far?

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"I want a corner piece!"
You've got to give it to Carvel when it comes to resourcefulness.

After all, this is the company that repurposes its Fudgie the Whale ice-cream cake mold (the Father's Day "a whale of a cake for a whale of a dad"), by frosting the tail red and calling it Santa at Christmas. Similarly, its snowman cake looks suspiciously like Cookie Puss without the googly eyes.

Now it's introducing a clever new product -- ice cream cupcakes. Playing off that historic ice-cream and cake-pairing, the idea seems like a really good one: individual small yellow cupcakes topped with Carvel ice cream. Where the disconnect comes is when Carvel gathers a dozen of the ice cream cakes together -- and then blankets the whole thing under one continuous layer of ice-cream frosting.

The resulting effect is about as disconcerting as St. Nick with a tail. Looking at it, you can't help wonder-how exactly does one eat this concoction?

Simple, says Carvel. It's a breakaway cake. "Just pick the cupcake that you want, pull it and voila!" says its press release. We say: melting mess.
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