Cascadian Farm Caves to Anti-Subliminal-Head Pressure

Scary Little Faces Will Be Removed From Packaging

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Credit: Bread & Honey
For those of you who are big fans of disembodied heads floating about on your broccoli packaging, I've got some bad news. According to a letter received by a Consumerist reader, Cascadian Farm is discontinuing its practice of including weird little faces in broccoli (and grape jam, too). Blog Bread and Honey was among the first to shine the international spotlight on the creepy little faces. The letter reads in part: "The tradition of hiding names or faces on Cascadian Farm packaging began over a dozen years ago. It was an unspoken tribute by the package design department to the friends & family of Cascadian Farm. The faces won't be included on our redesigned packaging." (Image courtesy of Bread and Honey.)
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