Violent Scotsman Wants You to 'Think With Your Dipstick'

Castrol Spokesman Will Whip You Into Shape

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When I woke up this morning, I thought the Castrol ad I'd seen featuring a Scotsman whipping people with a dipstick and screaming, "Think with your dipstick!" was merely a hallucinatory dream. That was only reinforced when I brought it up during an editorial meeting today and was met with blank stares, followed by laughter -- not at the concept of the ad but at the fact that a week without booze was starting to take its toll. After all, didn't Castrol just shell out a crate load of money for that Grease Monkey spot that ran in the Super Bowl? Sure, chimps may be bad PR these days, but a violent double-entendre-wielding Scotsman? Whatever. This may be the first time I don't mind a chimp campaign being replaced. But ladies and gentleman, I stand vindicated. Here, in its full glory: "Think With Your Dipstick!"

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